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Indoor Flying

Towards the end of 2018 Noarlunga Model Aerosports started flying indoor models at the Seaford Rec Centre, 620 Grand Blvd, Seaford Rise SA 5169.

We are now flying at the Aldinga Rec Centre.

Many types of aircraft can be flown - Planes, quadcopters, Helicopters etc

The night normally start at 7pm and goes through to 9pm, a small fee is paid if you would like to fly. There is no charge if you would just like to come and watch

Indoor Flying - 2nd Tuesday of each month


Still to be confirmed
Classic Floor Heating
2 Ware St, Thebarton SA 5031
Phone: (08) 8351 7899

Carbon Rod

Model Flight
Supercheap Hobbies

Plane Kits, Motors, ESC & Servo's

Supercheap Hobbies

Model Flight

RC World

Aussie Aeroworks

Plans and Info

Some info that has been supplied from one of the NMAS Members to help you get started

I would recommend as a first build the Bling Bling.  Relatively easy to build and flies quite well.
Plans Here

The Morback is an interesting one, but difficult to build.  I would not recommend as a first time build.
Ref - Morback.pdf page 1

Tiled printable A4 Plans

I built one of these and got to understand what the leading edge top bits were.  They were effectively, leading edge slats....

Index 2 - is different and relatively easy to build - leading edge is interesting. I built one and are using the wing on my current model

Plans Here

F3X are OK - just different.

Plans1 - F3X

Plans2 - F3X

My current plan is a combination of the good bits of these planes.

The side view of the fuzz is the bling bling, but lengthened by 65mm, just in front of the tailplane.

The fuzz top view is from the F3X, but lengthened by 65mm, just in front of the tailplane.

The wings are similar to the Index, but with extensions on the leading edges of the wing tips and

the Ailerons are same as the F3X.......

An interesting combo, but it flies well.

Technical details of my current planes are....

Index 2 - modified as per above - 65mm extension  - 44.2 Hours are shown on transmitter !!!

Motor - AXI 2304 1000Kv,

Prop - 8 x 4.7 GWS ( or copy ), 9 x 3.8 APC or 9 x 4 work as well.

Batt - 2S 460 to 610 mAh,

ESC - 10 Amp,

Servos - HXT 9 (hobbyKing 9g ) Aileron, Elevator & Rudder.

Rudder is pull pull,

Elevator is 1mm carbon on (on top, so as to PULL the elevator......)

Aileron is a single servo with 1mm carbon rods to each Aileron.  I do use an 'offset' horn to get 0 degrees of differential....

Motor is setup with NO right or down... 

Motor, Front wing and Tail-plane are ALL on the same datum line.....     ie EVERYTHING is 0 degrees


Depron - the lightest material but can be brittle
EPP & EPO - Heavier but more forgiving

HS-5035HD Digital Ultra Nano Servo 4.5g Torque N/A
HS-40 Economy Nano Servo 4.8g Torque Range kg. / cm  0.6 ~ 0.75
HS-45HB Feather Light Servo 8.0g - 4.8v 1.0kg / 6v 1.2kg
HS-55 Feather Servo 8.0g  - 4.8V 1.1kg / 6v 1.3kg

Dynam Semi-metal gear 9g Analog Servo - DY-1008

Virus RC MICRO SERVO 5g 1.2KG @ 4.8V

New Power
XL-2 2g .23kg @ 4.8v
XL-9 9g 2.1kg @ 4.8v
XLD-17HB 17g 2.6kg @6.0v

Micro Receiver's
AR6335 6 Channel AS3X Nanolite Receiver

Minima 6L - 6-Channel Micro Receiver
Minima 6S - 6-Channel Micro Receiver

Great Planes RimFire 150 14x5-3000kv Outrunner Brushless
Great Planes RimFire 200 18x6-2400kv Outrunner Brushless
Great Planes Rimfire 250 Outrunner Brushless Motor
Great Planes Rimfire 300 28x22-1380kv Outrunner Brushless

E-Flite Park 180 Outrunner Motor (8.5g) 2200kv Ideal for 3D models 55-85g & Sport / Scale 85-170g
E-Flite Park 250 Outrunner motor (14g) 2200Kv Ideal for 3D models 115-170g & Sport / Scale 170-340g
E-Flite Park 300 BL Outrunner Motor, 1380Kv

EMAX BL1812 Outrunner Brushless Motor 1800KV 28g
Stator Dimensions: 18 x 12mm
2-3S Prop 6x5.5 - 8x4

EMAX GT2203 1560KV
Dimension: 27.5mm (Dia) x 16mm (Length)
Shaft diameter:3 mm
Max thrust: 310g
Recommended prop: 8x 4.3

Emax GT2205/22 1660kv OUTRUNNER
Stator Dimensions: 22 x 5mm
2 - 3S 8x4.3 prop 8amp / 3S - 8x4 prop 12amp

Emax 2805 2840kv
Stator Dimensions: 22 x 5mm
2S - 6x4 - 7x6 12-15amp

Emax 2812 1534kv
Stator Dimensions: 28 x 10mm
3S - 7x4 - 7x6 15amp

Emax 2822 1200kv
Stator Dimensions: 22 x 10mm
3S - 10x4.7 slow fly 16.5amp

Hobbywing Flyfun 6A 2S - HW80020570
E-Flite 8A, 2-3S Brushless ESC - EFLA7200
Hobbywing Flyfun 10A 2-4S HW80020580
E-Flite 10A, 2-3S Brushless ESC - EFLA7300
E-Flite 10A, 2-3S Pro Brushless ESC - EFLA1010
Dualsky 10A, 2-3S brushless ESC - DSXC1010BA
Hobbywing Flyfun 12A 2-4S HW80020591
Hobbywing Skywalker 12A 2-3s HW80060170
Dualsky 12A 2-3S XC12 LITE Brushless ESC - DSXC12LITE
Hobbywing Flyfun 18A 2-4S HW30202150
Dualsky 18A 2-3S for Airplane - DSXC1812BA

Coming Events

Social Meeting
Held first Monday of each month 7.30pm (not Jan) at the NMAS Club Rooms or other location(s) TBA.

Indoor Flying
Indoor Flying

2nd Tuesday
of each Month

Aldinga Rec Centre

2 McRae St, Aldinga Beach
7pm till 9pm

Noarlunga Model Aero Sports Inc.
Flying field and club rooms.
Clisby Lane off Railway Road, Seaford Meadows.
Meetings held first Monday of each month, 7.30pm (not Jan)
at the NMAS Club Rooms or other location(s) TBA
Postal:  PO Box 231, Port Noarlunga, SA. 5167